Tidy Tuesday- Help Me Help You!

Jordan and I share a workspace in our bedroom. It’s cramped, but needed since he is in school and occassionally has film projects to work on at home and I need a designated work space as well for doing my bidnez and writing.

His side of the desk has drawers underneath, so I store all my stuff in a cube cubby shelf next to our bed.

A lot of our stuff is hidden away in drawers and boxes, but I like to display certain things because they make me happy. You can see that Jordan has a few things on display as well…🙄 😂❤NERD!

Tell me, is this helpful? VALIDATE ME! Lol, just kidding. I’m just trying to think what you guys would want to see.

Give me some ideas with specific things you need ideas or help on so I can make future posts more detailed!

Please and thank you!

Happy tidyjng!!!

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