Minimalist Christmas Gift Ideas

Ok, Thanksgiving is over, today was Black Friday and everyone is in Christmas mode now right?!🎄

We’ve been listening to Christmas music all week and have had our tree up for weeks, but I’m SO excited that it’s officially time to start counting down!🗓2️⃣5️⃣❄

While on the topic of Christmas, here’s a question you might have wondered:

“What do you do for minimalist gifts???”🎁

The answer: Whatever you want!😁

But in case you’re concerned about receiving or giving gifts that create more clutter, here are some ideas of gifts that will sure to be appreciated!

Gift Ideas for Minimalists

  • Experiences. They hold so much more value than things. Concerts, a trip to a favorite city, going skydiving…Memories to be made for sure. You can even pay for them to take a class they are interested in.
  • Donate to your loved one’s favorite charity for a cause they care deeply about.
  • Favorite treats or baked goods are always a good thing to receive and put a smile on someone’s face
  • You can pay for a month or year subscription to their favorite podcast, xbox membership, gym membership, or cable/streaming service.
  • Things like flowers, handmade cards, and yummy smelling candles are always a good choice if you’re at a loss.

Our family tries to focus on spending time together during this time of year more than gifts. Instead of having a long wish list for Christmas, we like having experiences together and maybe treating each other to dinner or going out for a treat.

Receiving gifts is fun, but sometimes the meaning of this time of year can get lost when we get caught up in gifts giving and receiving. It can even be quite stressful.

I encourage you to be more intentional with the gifts you give this year. You might find you enjoy this time of year even more!

Now tell me what you’re hoping for the most for Christmas this year!

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