A Minimal Footprint

I have always felt strongly that we are stewards of this planet and that we should be taking better care of it.

But I found the idea of changing all my ways and habits so overwhelming that I just kind of gave up on it.

Minimalism has taught me to make small changes where I can little by little, and starting now I’m trying to make small changes where I can.

I want to teach my kids to value and care for this planet God created for us. I want to teach them responsibility, accountability and that what we do effects other living things now and in the future.

I don’t think everybody needs to be perfect at living eco-friendly or zero-waste. But I think a lot of people making a few habit changes and shopping more consciously CAN make an impact.

Take a look at the list here. What things are you already doing or what can you swap out to make a little impact?

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