Hi there! I’m Dalessi, your fellow little mama, wife, chocoholic, and Dr. Pepper addict. I’m an introvert, enneagram type 4, INFJ personality, energy type 4 (in case you follow any of those profiling systems). I’m also sort of a perfectionist who needs to control everything…But I promise that I’m working on not being so tightly wound all the time.

Fun fact: I’m 4’10” tall, but I boast 4’11” sometimes. I’m convinced that some days, I’m taller. My husband affectionately suggested I name my blog “Tidy Little Hobbit”. Harr harr. This is my cute family. They might make an occasional appearance in my posts.

Going back to the perfectionist thing, I’ve always been obsessed with organizing things and trying to get everything just right. As a kid, I remember reorganizing my bedroom and belongings over and over again and sitting back and admiring my work. I would do this a few times a year. As I grew older, I continued to do this and eventually, it evolved into more decluttering than organizing. I started to let go of things that I had been attached to for years and I became a little obsessed with the feeling of relief I got when I cleared space. Looking back, I can clearly see that all the organizing and decluttering was a way for me to control my environment.

After becoming a first time mom, I started to have a really hard time emotionally with my new role and responsibilities. I fell into a deep depression that forced me to reevaluate my life and priorities and cut down considerably on my expectations.

Now I’m learning to try to let go more and accept I can’t control everything. Life is messy and chaotic. And not all of that is necessarily a bad thing.  But there are things I can do to help eliminate the physical, mental, and emotional clutter so that I can feel my best and be my best self.

I started this blog to share what I’ve learned and am learning. I hope you follow me on this journey and that maybe something resonates with you or helps you too!

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