Get to Know Me


Hi there! I’m Dalessi, your fellow little mama, wife, Mormon, chocoholic, and organizing addict.

First thing, I want to explain my blog name. Obviously, I’m a mom. My son Aiden was born July 9, 2016 and is amazing us everyday. He’s a happy, playful little monkey, and extremely sensitive. A total mama’s boy.



The “little” part comes in because I really am little. I’m 4’10” tall, but I boast 4’11” sometimes. I’m convinced that some days, I’m taller.


Here is a picture of me standing next to my giant of a hubby, Jordan. (Keep in mind, I’m wearing heels.) He’s 6’1” and affectionately suggested I name my blog “Tidy Little Hobbit”. We’ve been married since ‘13 and are still in that fun part of our lives where we’re still figuring everything out. (Let’s be real, does anyone ever get there?)

We are from the California Central Valley and are surrounded by farming and agriculture. I love the people, but I hate living here. I need ocean air!

Jordan films and edits videos for a school district here in the valley. He also takes on occasional side projects. I stay at home with Aiden, do the grocery shopping, attempt to make healthy meals, write, and try to sneak in naps when I can. I also sing in a group with a bunch of lovely ladies from church twice a year during the the spring and Christmas time. 

Jordan and I play video games together, watch movies, and try to hunt down good places to eat. We aren’t very outdoorsy. Probably because summer here are HOT! During good weather, we like walks and picnics. But usually, we prefer to go somewhere else to spend time outside. Someday, we dream of living closer to the beach. 

I met Jordan when I was home for summer vacation in college. I was attending BYU-Hawaii and was studying anthropology and conflict resolution. I loved living there, but like most college students, felt a little directionless and unsure of what I really wanted to do with my life. After a lot of prayer, I ended up transferring back home. Jordan and I dated, eventually got married and had Aiden a few years later.  Heavenly Father just had other plans for me.

Just look at that sad little boy. He was not happy about taking pictures.

That’s a little background about my family and me. The past few years have been full of exciting changes and difficult challenges.

After giving birth to Aiden, I started to have a really hard time emotionally with my new role and responsibilities as a parent. At first, I tried to deal with it on my own, thinking it was normal and that it would eventually pass. But as the year stretched on, I started to feel like I was losing it and finally sought help. What I thought was just post-partum depression turned out to be something that I had actually been struggling with my whole life and just didn’t realize it before.

Gaining this new perspective on myself and seeing the patterns in my life of fighting this dark monster has been kind of scary. It’s easy for me to feel like I don’t have a lot of control at times. It also explains the tendency I have to be overwhelmed easily. In all the chaos of life, I have always craved simplicity.

I think that cleaning and organizing has been a way for me to try to gain some control back in my life over the years when I was feeling out of control.

But with motherhood has come the realization that I really can’t be totally in control of anything. That’s just life and I have to learn to live with it. But I have also learned that there are things I can do to help eliminate chaos and clutter, both physical and mental. 

I started this blog to share what I’ve learned and am learning. I want to help you and your family in your journey to a more uncluttered and tidy home so you can breathe easier and spend more of your time with the people you love. Wouldn’t that be nice?


Please leave comments! I’m here to answer questions, hear your suggestions, or just say hi!


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